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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Technology with Customer Experience

Digital technology is an ever-evolving process. With emerging technologies ahead, it’s vital that we stay ahead of the curve and know what will serve our customers and services in the best possible way. Artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning is the next big thing in our industry. Artificial intelligence has become the staple technology for automated systems and core efficiencies. We are happy to say we’ve integrated AI in our contact centers as a necessary way to efficiently process and streamline customer data and calls. With its speed and assimilation of data information, artificial intelligence in call centers combined with Ansafone’s personalized human interaction and touch, can help expedite and resolve any customer’s needs more fully and accurately.

We leverage AI for Natural Language Processing and Understanding and can integrate these bots into customer CRMs that support API calls.

However, human interaction and listening to a person’s request is still our top priority. Human touch comes before AI & technology. We serve people with empathy and compassion and we listen first.

Since AI & technology are an ongoing progression, we, too, must progress with advanced, upcoming technologies to help our call center services be at its top performance so that we can offer world-class customer experience!

How Our Contact Center Artificial Intelligence Services Can Help

Contact center AI technology can be a useful tool for routing calls to the most appropriate representatives. The software can listen to conversations and automatically develop a plan for agents to follow based on what it hears. It also can be useful for handling calls that don’t necessarily require the intervention of a human agent.

When you outsource artificial intelligence customer services through us, our advanced AI can provide answers that are sufficient enough for many callers. Because the majority of callers are looking for simple answers to their questions, bots can take care of these requests much faster than asking callers to wait for an agent to become available. Choosing to outsource AI customer services means you can reduce frustration for your customers and improve service overall.

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