Case Studies

Healthcare Audit Company Needed to Outsource Survey Calls for Different California Health Plans

Problem A healthcare auditing company works to keep healthcare partners compliant with state and local regulations. The healthcare company’s audit duties require the administration of surveys to medical providers for different health plans specific to California. The healthcare auditing company...

Oral Healthcare Company Required Outbound Calling Service to Alert Members and Providers in Different Time Zones of Authorization Results

Problem A dental healthcare company manages dental insurance plans for Americans across multiple states. The company required an outbound calling service to provide authorization results to members and providers of contracted dental plans. Members and providers would need to be...

Healthcare Company Required Outside Team to Enroll Patients in Clinical Trials of Large Pharmaceutical Companies

Problem A patient recruitment company needed to recruit more patients for the clinical vaccine and medical trials of large pharmaceutical companies. The patient recruitment company wanted to avoid spending money on an in-house call center team to handle calls to...

Plasma Collection Company Required Outbound Calling Service to Increase Donation Numbers During Slow Period

Problem During the Covid-19 pandemic, a plasma collection company saw donations for plasma decrease significantly. This company provides a great deal of the world’s plasma for lifesaving healthcare therapies, so the decrease in plasma donations was unfortunate. This plasma collection...

Financial Service Company Seeking Call Center to Provide Account Maintenance and New Account Support for Clients

Problem A financial services company that offered debit-card based banking solutions to clients looking for an easier way to send money to friends and family living in Mexico needed support handling their incoming calls for service. Based in California, the...

Dental Practice Needed Emergency Dispatch For On-Call Services & Coverage For Office During High Call Volumes

Problem A dental practice was having difficulty connecting patients after hours with the on-call dentists during dental emergencies. The office also needed assistance with incoming calls during their busier times. The practice often experienced an increase of 50% to 150%...

Health Products and Assistive Devices

Ansafone helps manager of supplemental benefits impress existing health plan partners and expand services overall.

Healthcare and Home Environment Products

Ansafone helps healthcare industry leader encourage current and future customers to continue to order high-quality products directly from them.

Financial Services

Ansafone Helps Financial Services Company Realize 10% Annual Savings

Medical Group And Diagnosing The Problem

Ansafone Dedicated Agents Help with Medical Appointment Scheduling & More

Healthcare And How Ansafone Gets Involved

Ansafone Helps Health Plan Provider Increase Membership While Decreasing Costs

Answering Service Working In Retail

Ansafone Helps Growing Company Resolve 2-Hour Call Wait Times to Embrace Growth Opportunity for Future Success

How A Call Center Helped the Federal Government

Ansafone Responds to Large Volume Energy Rebate Program

Ansafone Answering Service – Cyber Security Threat

Managed Call Surge 3 Times Regular Volume in Wake of Cyber Security Threat

Clinical Trials

Ansafone Handles High Call Volumes for Successful Clinical Trial Recruitment

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