Interactive Voice Response

A custom-designed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone system ensures that your primary point of contact with customers is easy and direct. A friendly welcome message and a streamlined menu gives your valuable customers the tools that they need to get the answers that they seek.

Satisfy Customers with a Smart Call Center IVR System

Online communication channels enable modern consumers to handle the majority of their transactions with a company without ever talking to a representative. Your IVR software is an invaluable tool for nurturing the missing human connection with your brand. Dynamic IVR systems should quickly answer common customer questions, provide accessible self-service options and utilize short click paths to properly route incoming calls to the right problem solver.

Yet convoluted menu systems are notorious for sending customers into an endless loop of redirects. By the time live agents answer the call, frustrations have bubbled over, making customers unhappy with the experience even when the concern is fully resolved. A professional IVR call center can help you design a clear, efficient caller navigation menu that provides straightforward answers, authenticates account holder information and directs issues to the right department.

Enhance IVR Functionality with a Professional Call Center

Using IVR in call center applications is critical to meeting your first call resolution goals. Self-service options empower customers to solve their issues and reduce the volume of calls waiting for live assistance. When interactions with the software are intuitive and effortless, customers feel valued.

Call center IVR solutions support a multitude of automated processes, including:

call center operator
  • Creating warm welcoming greetings that include business hours and locations and scheduling customized messages for special events
  • Managing high volume calls due to product performance or sales promotions
  • Answering queries during non-operational hours to provide ongoing customer support
  • Conducting in-call and follow-up customer satisfaction surveys
  • Confirming order placement and tracking order status
  • Reminding customers about scheduled appointments
  • Checking account balances and sending bill collection reminders
  • Distributing notifications about customer support issues, such as service upgrades and outages
  • Delivering consistent messages during outbound calls to ensure clients have the most updated, accurate information
  • Offering IVR prompts in the caller's preferred language

When your IVR is properly designed, customers should be able to achieve all these goals before ever reaching a live agent. This approach drastically increases customer satisfaction, eliminates the need for repeat calls and frees up live agents to resolve more complex issues.

While customers have traditionally used keypad tones to navigate IVR systems, modern voice commands now support language recognition to facilitate a more natural dialogue between the caller and the automated system. During high volume calls that create long wait queues, you can even provide voicemail services that offer customers the option of having an agent return their call.

Easy, Direct, Affordable IVR Call Center Solutions

Outsourcing your IVR functionality is a financially savvy solution for upping your commitment to customer care. Companies have reported up to a 60 percent reduction in operating expenditures by cutting equipment costs and in-house front office staff. Ansafone’s technology-driven system partners with your CRM tools to streamline data gathering and deliver personalized service. We also provide metrics that report calling patterns and analyze caller issues so that you have the necessary information to improve the quality of your services.

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