Sales and Lead Qualification

When you view customer service as a sales opportunity rather than a cost, your quest for growth becomes a reality. Take advantage of each transaction to educate shoppers on the benefits of your full line of products. In return, you will see an surge in profits with higher converted qualified leads and more repeat customers.

Build Customer Trust to Boost Product Sales

Returning customers spend

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as much as their first purchase

Building brand loyalty is the key to effective product sales and successful upsells and cross-sells. It is your job to deliver a sales customer service experience that makes shoppers want to come back for more.

Sales Customer Service Outsourcing

Driving company growth requires a sales customer service department that serves as an essential resource to shoppers. Agents must be authentic when trying to help customers. They essentially assume the role of a personal shopper by engaging customers with questions about what type of products they need and then sharing how your products solve that problem. Another critical element in gaining customer trust is responsiveness. Each time customers hear an automated voice asking them to, “Please continue to hold,” they lose a little more faith in the ensuing message, “Your call is important to us.” Every minute that ticks by is a wasted opportunity to convert qualified leads into customers and first-time sales into repeat purchases.

A strong sales team should work with a robust analytics application to increase opportunities for closing qualified leads, renewing purchases, up-selling services and cross-selling products. Having access to order history, renewal dates, market analysis and targeted demographics helps agents predict with higher precision which items to recommend to specific customers. Anticipating needs — sometimes before the customer even knows what those needs are — early in the sales cycle significantly improves your ability to close more deals.

Outstanding Customer Service Results in Higher Product Sales

Despite clear evidence that the fastest growing companies do a better job on upsells and add-on sales, most businesses focus their efforts on acquiring new customers. Partnering with an accomplished sales customer service team allows you to continue concentrating on developing clever marketing strategies. Ansafone’s inbound product support team handles all the follow-up tasks to convert those new leads into happy, loyal customers. Our friendly customer service agents serve as an extension of your brand as they quickly follow up on profitable RFPs and help customers pinpoint products that complement their orders.

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The Ansafone call center system has the resources and tools to streamline your sales pipeline. We provide a range of product support services, including order placement, shipping, billing, exchanges and returns. Sales customer service staff receive in-depth training so that they can knowledgeably answer FAQs and provide detailed product benefits to encourage upsells. Our multilingual agents can work from your company-branded scripts, or you can choose from a vast array of our sales-orientated templates that are proven to significantly improve customer retention rates.

Ansafone’s customer support services also seamlessly integrate with your CRM system, ordering platforms and multichannel communication channels. Access to real-time data is available to both our agents and your company to track conversion rates, average sales, upsells and inventory levels. Our extensive reports are a vital resource for strategic forecasting. The analytics provide a means for understanding when your customers are most likely to reach out to you and which products they are responding to based on marketing strategies. Ansafone can even build your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into our agent scorecards to create a competitive environment and drive positive performance.

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