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Is Your Contact Center a Strategic Business Partner or a Problem to Manage?

Five Outcomes that Great Contact Centers Produce for Their Clients   How do you view your contact center? Do you rely on them as your strategic business partner? Or have they emerged as a headache that you must manage? A contact center should never be a bad situation that you must deal with. After all, doesn’t …

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Understanding Outsourcing and Offshoring

Hiring other firms to help you work more effectively and increase quality is good business Wise business managers know the value of outsourcing and how it enables them to cost-effectively offer more to their customers for less. However, many consumers are wary of the practice, but this is because they confuse outsourcing with offshoring. While …

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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Agent Attrition

The job of a contact center agent is notoriously stressful, which is one reason why the industry has an employee turnover rate of approximately 33 percent (some estimates are as much as 45 percent). Although not as high as retail or food service (67 and 62 percent respectively), center leaders across sectors cited agent turnover …

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5 Benefits When Contact Centers Are Connected

Advanced contact centers apply technology to be more responsive and enhance quality Some contact centers function in isolation. They work from a single location and are disconnected from support. Our contact centers, however, are interconnected. This allows them to share calls, texts, and other essential customer communication. All advanced communication hubs have this capability. Make …

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FNOL Improves by using Effective Communication

One important service that all insurance companies must provide, is an effective way of placing a claim in case of a loss or an accident. Although many insurance companies excel at managing their risk and ensuring that they can offer the best rates to their customers, they fail to create a systematic method for receiving …

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6 Things You Have To Know Before Hiring A Contact Center

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