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How to Create a Customer Service Culture

As every business owner and manager knows, great customer service doesn’t just happen, it’s nurtured and cultivated, examined and refined. But you can’t deliver great customer service without a culture that supports it. Simply put, if you don’t make customer service a priority, employees won’t be inspired and motivated to work to improve it. The

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7 Skills Every Contact Center Agent Should Have

Contact center agents need training, but some companies provide more instruction than others Before they begin working and handling real calls from clients, all contact center agents require training. However, not all training is the same. In a rush to get agents on the schedule, some contact centers skimp on training. The results are less-than-ideal

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The Evolution of Customer Service

Customer care is a concept that has become an integral part of every business. Whether the business is selling products or services, having a well thought out customer care plan earns the business loyal customers.

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FNOL Improves by using Effective Communication

One important service that all insurance companies must provide, is an effective way of placing a claim in case of a loss or an accident. Although many insurance companies excel at managing their risk and ensuring that they can offer the best rates to their customers, they fail to create a systematic method for receiving

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We love customer service week!

How to Celebrate Customer Service Week All Year The goal of Customer Service Week, which began in 1984, is to recognize those who deliver great service and value to customers. And while the first full week of October is slated as a time to host staff breakfasts and contests, hand out prizes and swag, dress

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Customer Service for Every Generation

How to Tailor Your Customer Service to Every Generation of Customers Customer service is an essential element of any business. If your customers always leave feeling satisfied and adequately taken care of, your reputation (and sales!) will benefit greatly.

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Chat-Based Customer Service: Uses and its Users

Technology is a vehicle for the everyday operations of businesses.  Chat-based customer service options are quickly becoming a preferred method for customers to contact businesses. An increasing number of companies choose to outsource their customer service departments to third party contact centers, such as Ansafone Contact Centers, to meet the unique service needs of tech

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How to Give Great Customer Service over the Phone

Would you love to know the secrets behind the art of providing fantastic customer service over the phone? Here are some tips from our call center experts In the business world, having a positive brand image is critical, a factor largely cultured and fortified by personal, professional and effective customer service techniques. A few years

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