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Considering adding a live chat feature to your business’s website? When you offer a live chat option, your customers can get their questions answered and problems solved before they leave your website. It drives conversations, strengthens brand loyalty and more. With 50 years of world-class customer experience and brand care, Ansafone is your ideal partner for live chat services.

Convenient For Customers, Convenient For You​

When you offer access to live web chat solutions, your customers can easily connect with your company. Today’s consumers have lots of questions while they are shopping online. If they don’t get the information they’re looking for, they’ll move on to the next product.

Live chat delivers incredibly high satisfaction levels, and it’s easy to see why: it’s quick, personalized, and doesn’t require picking up another device or switching to a different browser window. When a customer visits your website and a message asks, “How can I help you?” the customer is invited to interact with your brand on a personal level, building brand loyalty.

Not only does live chat offer opportunities to solve problems for clients, but it’s also a great way to engage first-time visitors, hesitant shoppers and return customers.

A High-End, Customizable Live Chat Platform

The best live chat platforms go beyond basic instant-messaging functions. For example, smart-tracking technology senses when visitors arrive at your most critical touchpoints. From there, the system alerts a customer care specialist to start a conversation. This real-time immediacy creates a connection with shoppers. This fosters a positive view of your brand and helps drive sales.

Ansafone stands out among other call centers with 50 years of experience and highly-qualified live chat agents. 

  • We have call centers all over the US, so you’ll never experience an interruption in connectivity.
  • Your customers can reach us at any time of the day, on any day of the year—24/7/365 service.
  • Our agents are based in the United States. We offer English and multilingual call center services.
  • We will properly represent who you are and what your brand stands for. We create positive customer experiences that develop into lasting relationships.

If you’re searching for a long-term call center partner, Ansafone’s friendly, courteous agents will be happy to work with you.

Integrating Live Chat Online Support Tools

Gain immediate customer care every minute of the day, 24/7/365. Our professional contact center guarantees round-the-clock availability and real-time customer support. We will rapidly resolve issues and proactively provide the information your customers are seeking.

Live chat is a great fit for ecommerce companies that want to capture a sale or provide immediate service. Customers can ask questions about products, find answers about their order, or get updates about a refund status.

Live Chat Online Solutions

Ansafone’s professional live chat agents offer the following services:

live chat agent
  • Support for troubleshooting technical issues
  • Answering common customer questions
  • Directing customers to different areas of your website
  • Booking appointments
  • Conducting account-sensitive discussions
  • Conducting account-sensitive discussions in public places
  • Generating instant customer feedback

Live Chat Custom-Designed for Your Business

You can set up campaigns to welcome browsers to your landing page, guide them to similar service pages or offer personalized shopping assistance.

We’ll further engage your customers in the conversation with:

  • file attachments
  • screen sharing
  • instructional videos
  • click-to-call applications
  • transcriptions of the chat session to be sent to the customer for future reference
  • scripts/template chat verbiage branded to your needs

We offer 24/7 web chat services, and our expert agents act as a seamless extension of your business. Our software application connects to your CRM tools to collect visitor information and understand customer behavior. We can even create priority rules for high-value customers and audience demographics.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

Ready to start your next outsourcing project?

Capture customers with an interactive and friendly platform designed for first-contact resolution! Ansafone’s live chat online features are custom-designed to fit your specific business needs. Contact Ansafone at (800) 510-0514. Our certified online chat specialists will work for you around the clock, transforming your online browsers into buyers!

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