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Drive conversions and strengthen brand loyalty by offering online visitors on-demand customer support. With a live chat option, customers gain immediate access to your company so that they can get their questions answered and their problems solved immediately.

Customers Embrace Live Chat Applications

Providing access to live web chat solutions gives customers a convenient option for connecting with your company. Today’s consumers want answers while they are shopping online and will simply move on to the next product when they do not get the information that they need. Industry surveys report up to a 92 percent customer satisfaction rate when they use instant messaging features during the buying journey. 

Although phone and email remain the go-to resource for customer support, live chat delivers the highest satisfaction levels than any other channel. Each chat interaction is not only an opportunity to solve a problem for clients but also to engage first-time visitors, hesitant shoppers and return customers. A little message window popping up to ask, “How can I help you?” is often the small prompt a customer needs to close the deal.

High-end live chat platforms go beyond basic instant messaging functions supported by social media channels. Smart tracking technology senses when visitors arrive at your most critical touchpoints and then alerts a customer care specialist to invite the person into a one-on-one conversation. This real-time immediacy creates a connection with shoppers, which fosters a positive view of your brand and increases the likelihood of them buying what you are selling.

Integrating Live Chat Online Support Tools

Outsourcing your live chat support services to a professional contact center guarantees immediate customer care every minute of every day 24/7/365. This innovative platform allows you to chat online with your website visitors in real time to rapidly resolve account issues and proactively provide more information about your business to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Live chat is a natural fit for e-Commerce companies who want to capture a sale or provide immediate service. Retail customers can quickly ask questions about product dimensions, find answers about their order shipments or receive updates about a refund status.

Live Chat Online Solutions

There are numerous creative ways to use the online technology to build up relationships, including:

live chat agent
  • Offering support for troubleshooting technical issues
  • Answering simple customer account questions
  • Directing customers to self-service materials on the website
  • Booking appointments with hotels, dentist offices or real estate agents
  • Reserving rental cars and airline tickets
  • Conducting account-sensitive discussions in public places
  • Generating instant customer feedback

Ansafone’s live chat online features are custom designed to fit your specific business needs. An enterprise live chat solution does not require downloading special software, so you do not risk missing capturing customers. You can set up campaigns to welcome browsers to your landing page, guide them to similar service pages or offer personalized shopping assistance. It also supports file attachments, screen sharing, instructional videos and click-to-call applications, which helps further engage customers in the conversation. Transcripts of the entire chat session can even be sent to the customer for future reference.

Supporting 24/7 web chat services, our expert agents work with client-branded tools, such as FAQs scripts, and template chat verbiage customized for each client to provide the appropriate answers. Our software application connects to your CRM tools to collect visitor information and understand customer behavior. We can even create priority rules for high-value customers and audience demographics.

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