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When citizens contact a government agency, they want help cutting through the procedural red tape to quickly get their concerns resolved. Operating an efficient system for communicating with constituents contributes to a positive public perception and ensures that your agency maintains regulatory compliance.

Enhance Public Perception of Your Government Agency

The public holds high expectations for government agencies to deliver reliable, accurate support services. The pressure to provide meaningful interactions intensifies under changing regulations and evolving budgets. When a citizen has an urgent question or an emergency situation, it is critical that they are able to connect with a live person who has the authority to fix their problem. Without immediate resolutions, certain situations can escalate into preventable crises. More complex issues can arise when dissatisfied citizens share their negative experiences on social media.

Local, state and federal government agencies are discovering the benefits of outsourcing government contact center tasks to professionally trained customer service agents. Ansafone’s government call center solutions streamline your administrative operations, establish intake procedures that meet compliance regulations and reduce common errors made by overburdened departments. In many cases, our industry resources allow you to deliver responsive public service interactions at a reduced cost to your agency.

Full Management of Your Government Contact Center Services

Depending on your needs, we can oversee full management of your government contact center responsibilities or immediately step in to cover overflow calls during seasonal fluctuations or when contact volumes unexpectedly spike. Our 24-hour operations at two full-service contact centers in California and Florida safeguards your ability to provide critical business functions continuously despite local service interruptions.

Efficient Government Call Center Solutions

Ansafone is a go-to resource for government call center solutions. Our award-winning agency call center specializes in supplying information on government programs, benefits and services. Our experience with government contact center services spans:

government call center agent
  • Supplying details on government-sponsored rebate programs.
  • Compassionately staffing emergency response lines, dispatching medical emergency calls and disseminating natural disaster help information.
  • Processing claim form applications and assisting citizens with claim status updates.
  • Opening service tickets for local government maintenance contracts.
  • Providing 24-hour responses to FAQs when constituents reach out by phone, email, live chat, website forms or social media.
  • Redirecting a citizen's concern to the proper agency when the issue is beyond the scope of your program's directives.

Ansafone can build an intuitive interactive voice responsive (IVR) system that efficiently guides callers to the right resolution department. Our high-tech monitoring system automatically identifies callers, records information about their issue and seamlessly updates your agency’s customer management system. World-class agents are trained in your agency’s processes so that they can deliver accurate information while serving as an authoritative voice on behalf of your organization.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

Ready to start your next outsourcing project?

As your partner, Ansafone is dedicated to providing your agency with guidance in developing attainable key performance indicators that measure your improvements in constituent engagement. We supply the resources that you need to respond to public inquiries in a consistently timely and accurate manner. Contact Ansafone's expert government call center account manager at (800) 510-0514 to discuss how we can strengthen your ability to deliver high-quality public services to your community of constituents.

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