Retail and e-Commerce Customer Service Call Center

Competition in the retail and e-commerce landscape is fierce, so you need every tool available to create a brand that customers connect with and want to support. How your retail and e-commerce customer support team treats clients is often the tipping point in determining whether you have one-time buyers or lifelong customers. It is critical that you deliver reliable, responsive support in every interaction to create the loyal following that your enterprise needs to improve sales performance and profitability.

Building a Loyal Network of Happy Shoppers

Creating a positive retail and e-commerce customer service customer experience is the highest priority for every company. Customers want to feel valued and engaged. Happy customers return more often, buy more products in a single transaction and generate more referrals through recommendations.

Relationship management is the key to earning repeat business. Outsourcing your retail customer service plan to a professional call center enables you to extend the reach, effectiveness and longevity of your marketing outreach programs. Our agents focus on supporting the top three drivers that influence purchase decisions: customer retention, customer satisfaction and product upsells.

Capitalizing on Every Customer Interaction

Every customer contact is an opportunity to build a more meaningful relationship with those purchasing your products. Ansafone’s retail customer service system features a multichannel communication approach that helps your business engage with customers at any hour of the day via phone, email, social media or live web chat. This proactive approach allows you to capture sales at the exact moment when shoppers typically abandon a purchase. A live agent can answer product questions as a visitor browses your website, respond in real-time to social media posts or assist with order processing over the phone.

Working in a performance-driven environment, Ansafone’s retail customer service agents develop a thorough knowledge of your products to capture upsell and cross-sell opportunities that increase the average order size. We also spearhead reengagement campaigns to incentivize inactive customers to return and conduct follow-up surveys to determine whether customers have a positive or negative experience with your brand. Our agents are always available to answer questions, obtain feedback or escalate issues if necessary. By collecting rich data at every touchpoint, Ansafone’s CRM system helps you identify meaningful improvements based on customers’ concerns.

A Full-Service Call Center You Can Count On

Ansafone rigorously screens and trains a dedicated team of customer care agents who offer bilingual support to your diverse customer base. Backed by more than 40 years experience in the call center industry, we are experts at shrinking average call times, improving first-call resolution rates and reducing overall operating costs. Ansafone is also a leader in providing:

e-commerce customer service agent
  • Healthcare Outsourced support for retail and e-commerce customer service programs.
  • Lead generation activities that close sales.
  • Customer assistance with hassle-free exchanges or refunds.
  • Quick answers about order details, shipping status or retailer locations.
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support to deescalate customer frustrations with technology glitches.
  • Recall notifications to customers and supply chain vendors, answering questions from concerned consumers and documenting interactions for compliant reporting.
  • Scaleable services that immediately adjust based on unexpected or seasonal call volumes.

Our PCI compliant call center is equipped to handle all inbound and outbound billing support, payment processing and order taking. We rigorously adhere to PCI compliance responsibilities to ensure customers’ sensitive payment card information remains protected.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

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