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Before you can even think about making sales, you have to have a target audience and narrow it down to potential customers. Along the way, you’ll need to make sure you represent your brand, products, and services in the best light. But you don’t have to do it on your own—Ansafone telemarketing services can help.

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a direct sales method used around the world. Telemarketing involves making phone calls to a wide target audience with the goal of generating interest in your company, creating opportunities, and making connections with new potential customers. There’s an element of sales and an element of customer service at the same time, but in most cases, telemarketers aren’t exactly selling—they’re opening up the potential for making sales at a later date. Telemarketing is a useful tool for a wide variety of businesses across industry verticals.

Create Opportunities for Your Business

Here’s what telemarketing can do for your organization:
Present your brand, services, or products in a professional, positive way

In most cases, these cold calls will be the first impression of your organization that your customer has. We’ll make it a good first impression to ensure smooth sailing the rest of the way!

Generate a list of potential new leads

Struggling to find people who are interested in your services, or lacking the time and ability to contact each of them individually? Our telemarketing agents will continuously add to a list of potential customers, and we’ll ensure a smooth transition so your sales team can step in and close the sales efficiently.

Make appointments

If a potential client is interested, we’ll make it easy for them to make an appointment—in person, over video chat, or by phone—so that they can talk to someone in-house or discuss buying a product or service with the sales team.

Save your sales team time

Instead of spending their time cold-calling and dealing with rejections, your staff can focus all their time on the leads that our telemarketers have already gathered. You can also combine our Telemarketing services with our Telesales services if you want to oursource the whole process!

Save money

With our affordable, yet professional telemarketing lead generation services, you can reduce the cost of finding new customers. Outsourcing is a tried-and-true way for businesses (small and large) to save money!

Get unique market research

Telemarketing isn’t just about pitching your brand, your products, or your services. Phone calls are a two-way conversation, which means you get to learn about your potential customers, too. Our agents will make notes of trends and other useful information that can help you get even more leads and close more sales!

telemarketing agent
Gain experienced telemarketers

Telemarketing is a learned skill. Your in-house salesperson might be great at sales and marketing, but unless they’ve had training and experience in telemarketing, they may struggle. Our telemarketing agents have extensive training and experience in the right techniques and manners to use for maximum effectiveness.

Increase customer satisfaction

Many people feel disconnected from the companies they interact with every day. Without personal, one-on-one conversations, it’s hard to create a strong impact on people. Telemarketing can exceed the expectations of your customers and create a strong connection—provided, of course, that your telemarketing agents project a professional, friendly, and caring attitude that draws in customers.

Create your own data

Instead of purchasing potential leads, market research, or other information from dubious sources, you can create your own valuable data while generating leads at the same time. Our outbound call center agents will log and record valuable information to make sure you can follow up appropriately.

Who Can Benefit from Telemarketing?

Businesses of any size can reap the rewards of telemarketing. It’s an especially effective strategy for small or medium-sized businesses. Small businesses thrive on direct contact with customers, but face-to-face interaction is difficult in a global economy. That’s where telemarketing comes in.

Telemarketing is equally useful for business-to-consumer or business-to-business lead generation, so no matter who you’re trying to reach, you can do so though telemarketing call center services.

It’s also a very flexible strategy that can be adapted to fit almost any industry and niche. As long as you have a target audience to start with, telemarketing is a very good way to narrow down leads and create unique opportunities that you just can’t get through other marketing methods like direct mail, online marketing, or face-to-face networking.

Why Choose Ansafone Telemarketing Services?

In an industry full of noncompliance and poor reputations, Ansafone has been a leader for decades. The reason is simple: we provide quality telemarketing services that are fully compliant with regulations. We make sure to deliver pitches that are based on honesty and integrity instead of pressuring potential leads into complying. Instead of generating panic and disrupting their daily activities, we want to offer value to the people we call.

We work to benefit you—the client—and your potential customers. Our goal is to set up mutually beneficial partnerships between you and your target audience, creating value on both ends of the equation.

Plus, our experienced staff is well-trained in the best telemarketing practices, and they know how to get the job done efficiently. We can save you time and money so that you can devote these resources to core business tasks. Just sit back and wait for the leads to come rolling in!

And if you want a fully-integrated range of call center services, we can provide that too. Our telemarketing services work great with our inbound customer service and telesales services. With this suite of call center services, you and your staff can spend less time on the phone and more time growing your business!

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