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5 Benefits When Contact Centers Are Connected

Advanced contact centers apply technology to be more responsive and enhance quality Some contact centers function in isolation. They work from a single location and are disconnected from support. Our contact centers, however, are interconnected. This allows them to share calls, texts, and other essential customer communication. All advanced communication hubs have this capability. Make

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Does Your Contact Center Have an Emergency Plan?

These 10 essential items should be part of every contact center’s contingency strategy Executives should have a plan to deal with critical emergency situations. It’s simply smart management. Though we hope to never encounter a business-threatening disaster, if it does occur, will you be ready?

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Ansafone’s expertise in the contact center industry can help you identify the multichannel customer engagement strategies that will boost client satisfaction and retention rates. Contact us at (800) 510-0514 for an in-depth consultation on how to strengthen your customer communication plan with a multichannel strategy.

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6 Things You Have To Know Before Hiring A Contact Center

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