Benefits and Best Techniques for Contact Center Monitoring

A successful contact center is a crucial part of the customer service process. Contact center monitoring ensures that customer calls are recorded and analyzed for quality assurance. The data gathered is then used to provide the contact center with feedback to improve agent performance and performance of the contact center overall.

Contact center monitor usually involves software programs that listen to all calls that a contact center fields. Good monitoring software analyzes several different metrics to create a well-rounded view of agent and center performance. The software program provides valuable analysis and identifies areas that need improvement and highlights potential opportunities for enhanced operations, benefiting all call center employees.

Contact Center Monitoring Boosts Customer Experience Scores

Contact center monitoring offers insights that management can use to increase a contact center’s overall performance. Therefore, the customer service experience is very likely to improve with valuable contact center monitoring. Contact center performance is measured both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Quantitative performance refers to the numbers a contact center is reaching:

● The number of calls a contact center takes each day

● The number of calls each individual agent completes

● The number of resolved inquiries

● The number of sales closed

● The revenue numbers achieved

Contact center monitoring is useful for these quantitative data analytics. Management can find trends and patterns and use this data to create action plans to improve key performance indicators.

Qualitative performance refers to the quality of the contact center’s performance, and it is just as significant. Quantitative performance is indicative of customer experience:

● How long customers wait before their call is answered

● How many customers hang up before their call is answered

● How long customers wait on hold

● How long customers wait before their call is returned

● How often a customer’s issue is resolved during the first interaction

These metrics paint a clearer picture of a call center’s performance from a customer standpoint. They are helpful in determining how well a call center is performing its customer service duties.

Contact Center Monitoring Leads to More Satisfied Employees

Call center agents and employees also benefit from successful contact center monitoring. Agents who understand their strengths and weaknesses can work to improve their performance clearly and effectively. Contact center monitoring gives employees the tools they need for success.

Contact center monitoring benefits management because it allows them to identify issues and address them quickly and efficiently. Management can more easily assist employees in difficult areas. Problems can be nailed down and fixed, saving managers and employees stress and frustration.

● Each department’s impact becomes clearer with contact center monitoring.

● Management can focus training efforts more effectively.

● Contact center monitoring facilitates employee development.

● Employees can voice concerns when issues arise.

● Inefficient or problematic business procedures are quickly identified.

When inefficient procedures are pinpointed, management can work to restructure them or come up with altogether new procedures that work better for the entire contact center. Employees have a say because they are the ones handling the day-to-day operations.

Contact Center Monitoring Best Techniques

Contact center monitoring software typically gathers data on multiple metrics. However, best contact monitoring practices go beyond relying solely on the software and the metrics. Companies need to gather information from the metrics to get a well-rounded view of agent performance, then go a step further. Companies must:

● Set clear performance goals and expectations, then make those easily accessible to agents and employees.

● Hold regular meetings with agents to discuss goals and gain insight.

● Provide incentives and reward agents who meet performance goals.

Management should clearly define what is expected of agents and what great performance actually means. Call scripts are very useful for this. It is also important to keep industry benchmarks in mind when setting company goals.

Additionally, agents should be kept in the loop and feel heard. They are the key to a successful contact center. Agents should have access to their own phone calls to better understand their performance scores. Companies should also share examples of good call performance so agents know what to aim for.

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