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November 11, 2019
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When an award-winning Clinical Trials Recruitment {CRO) and Media Services Company ran a direct response campaign to enroll subjects in new trials, it began receiving a large number of inbound calls. Although a testament to the success of the campaign, the volume of inbound calls was overwhelming the company’s capabilities. It was imperative that all incoming calls were not only answered, but that prospective study enrollees received relevant information and customer service.

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The Clinical Trials Recruitment firm enrolled subjects for research studies focused on pain management, diabetes control and new  arthritis treatments and required a locally headquartered call center with the capacity to manage large inbound call volumes that was also HIPAA and l.R.B. compliant. Agents needed to be knowledgeable about which questions they could ask callers when collecting information over the phone and how to answer questions asked of them. Additionally, the company needed a call center partner that could provide support through call volume spikes that matched radio and television ad runs.


Ansafone has more than a decade of experience with clinical trial recruitment and utilizes industry-leading tools to manage patient recruitment campaigns. Including HIPAA and l.R.B. compliant practices.

To help enroll participants in the pain management, diabetes control and arthritis treatment study, Ansafone:

  • Created agent scripting to qualify people interested in participating in the clinical trials.
  • Developed a real-time web reporting portal that included 50 reports for media tracking and compliance reporting. More than three- hundred sites took part in the program.
  • Supported staffing levels, automated call distribution routing, and IT infrastructure and capacity to support huge spikes in call volumes that matched the advertising runs on TV and radio.
  • Provided agents specially trained in HIPAA and IRB compliance, including not only which questions to ask, but also those to avoid.

Ansafone tracked media results and made them accessible in real-time, allowing the CRO to identify where study participants originated within a specific market for successful recruitment. Advanced features such as SMS-text based response-to-call initiation and web chat tied seamlessly into the picture to expand the reach of the campaign as technology changes so quickly.

Results & Benefits

Ansafone exceeded both client expectations and industry standards for abandoned calls by creating IT capacities and multiple languages outreach that handled more than 60,000 calls through the campaign. The successful clinical trial recruitment included logic -based scripting, automated qualification criteria and intelligent study site referral distribution.

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