Financial Service Company Seeking Call Center to Provide Account Maintenance and New Account Support for Clients

November 25, 2020
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A financial services company that offered debit-card based banking solutions to clients looking for an easier way to send money to friends and family living in Mexico needed support handling their incoming calls for service. 

Based in California, the company allowed clients to add money to debit accounts using kiosks in select locations, by phone, or through an online portal. Clients could then issue debit cards to family members living in Mexico, who would then have access to the funds. These reloadable cards changed and helped families in Mexico transfer funds, and thus, eliminating the need to wire money through traditional channels.

Search for a Solution

The company needed to partner with a call center to handle incoming calls from clients and assist them with various tasks, including opening new accounts and account maintenance.

The company had experienced difficulty in the past with finding bilingual support for their predominantly Spanish speaking clientele. Additionally, the calls needed to be covered 24 hours per day.


The Ansafone Contact Centers management team developed a strategic plan to process all incoming calls around the clock. The bilingual agents, English/Spanish, would staff the line to allow effortless communication with English or Spanish-speaking callers.

Ansafone was able to incorporate caller-ID technology to identify the incoming callers and access their accounts based on their phone number. Doing so allowed for faster service since only a verification was required compared to a manual account lookup.

The Ansafone team used their experience and training to improve many factors in the company’s customer service plan and improve the overall client experience.

Results & Benefits

The partnership with Ansafone was successful. Ansafone integrated with ongoing operations and continued providing call support as the company saw continued growth and expansion.

The company was able to free up internal resources and redirect them to other areas. By doing so, the company was able to relieve stress on current staff without any additional hiring.

Ansafone Contact Centers continued providing services for several years and through several expansions. The company left the partnership after they were acquired by MoneyGram International Inc.

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