Plasma Collection Company Required Outbound Calling Service to Increase Donation Numbers During Slow Period

June 16, 2021
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During the Covid-19 pandemic, a plasma collection company saw donations for plasma decrease significantly. This company provides a great deal of the world’s plasma for lifesaving healthcare therapies, so the decrease in plasma donations was unfortunate.

This plasma collection company needed a way to increase plasma donations and encourage donors to return in spite of the pandemic.

Search for a Solution

The plasma collection company reached out to recruit Ansafone to perform outbound calling to increase plasma donation numbers. Using customer service information from the company’s previous donors, Ansafone developed a plan to  use outbound calling to request previous donors to return to make their next donation.


The plasma collection company has been using Ansafone for interactive voice response (IVR) and customer service solutions since 2012 with success. The plasma donation company was aware  of Ansafone’s other services and chose to increase Ansafone’s involvement within the company’s processes to ensure success.

Because the plasma collection company does not have enough manpower internally to handle outbound calling, the company contracted Ansafone to begin handling their outbound calling tasks.

Ansafone began getting in touch with previous donors through the plasma collection company’s customer service records to encourage past donors to return to donate more plasma.

Ansafone is completing between 6,000 and 8,000 outbound calls to donors each week to encourage plasma donation. These calls go out to lapsed donors, donors who never completed their second scheduled donation, and deferred donors.

Results & Benefits

Ansafone’s outbound calling successfully boosted donation numbers. Since the service was implemented in March, donation numbers have increased successfully due to the outbound calling strategy.

The plasma collection company can reference Ansafone’s daily, weekly, and monthly reports to understand how successful the outbound calling campaign is in regard to increasing each of the plasma collection types and direct internal resources accordingly.

Laura Conlon | Ansafone Contact Centers

Sales Consultant


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