Health Products and Assistive Devices

March 4, 2020
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When a manager of supplemental benefits providing Over the Counter products and assistive devices wanted to expand its insurance plan partners, a flexible call center was needed to place consumer orders and support members with quarterly fluctuations in call volume. Agents would need to handle large orders while the call center managed and minimized handle times during high volume periods coinciding with benefit deposits.

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The supplemental benefits manager needed a capable, robust team of supportive agents to serve Medicare and Medicaid enrollees with exceptional customer service while placing large, quarterly orders for health products from a major retailer. The partner would also need to implement the appropriate technologies and management practices to support the client’s goal to increase their health plan partnerships.


  • Ansafone quickly developed processes and a support structure to ensure agent performance while maintaining a quality call experience even during peak seasons.
  • Continuous coaching and development of agents was instituted to ensure effective use of the client’s CRM system to meet SLA targets which impact their standing with health plan partners.
  • Ansafone used real-time reporting and integrated with the client’s systems to monitor and reduce call handling times which led to significant increases in labor savings and satisfaction rates among callers.

Results & Benefits

  • Ansafone provided a cost-reducing solution that maximized existing technologies and improved CRM functionality, scripts, and database quality.
  • Ansafone shortened call handling times, keeping the client in positive standing with their health care partners and exceeding consumer expectations.
  • Ansafone offered a flexible team of up to 160 agents to handle over 55,000 calls per month with an average call quality that statistically exceeds goals.
  • Ansafone helped the manager of supplemental benefits impress existing health plan partners contributing to an expansion of their services overall.

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