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March 3, 2020
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When a world leader in high-quality healthcare and home environment products aimed to improve its online ordering systems, a web-based application for placing orders was needed to sell more than 15 central products and even more sub-products varying in model and unit type. The application would need stability to handle large orders while it communicated seamlessly with all other order fulfillment systems.

Search for a Solution

The innovative consumer product provider required a web-based solution that allowed agents to order products integrated with a payment gateway to process orders of various sizes and needs. The client also needed to house scripts, FAQ knowledge, and disposition pages for toggling during a transaction to support the sale.


  • Ansafone immediately developed and tested a web-based application for placing orders through self-guided steps that housed scripts, FAQ, and disposition pages.
  • Ansafone enabled customers to add, remove, and change products. Full integration with payment gateways was made to ensure the security and completeness of all transactions.
  • Ansafone instituted complex and custom reporting to describe handling time and more while creating a process to support order tracking requests and database searches.

Results & Benefits

  • Ansafone facilitated all future sales for the client with a seamless application that maximized existing product descriptions, images, and assets.
  • Ansafone built a future-proof order platform for the product while updating product information, photos, and spec for increased sales and upsells.
  • Ansafone used web scripting to support internal teams taking the required details to perform database searches instantly for tracking requests.
  • Ansafone helped the industry leader encourage current and future customers to continue to order high-quality products directly from them.

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