Healthcare Audit Company Needed to Outsource Survey Calls for Different California Health Plans

July 15, 2021
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A healthcare auditing company works to keep healthcare partners compliant with state and local regulations. The healthcare company’s audit duties require the administration of surveys to medical providers for different health plans specific to California.

The healthcare auditing company did not have the tools and resources allotted to handle this inbound and outbound calling.

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The healthcare auditing company planned to outsource inbound and outbound calling through a third party.

To remain compliant, healthcare partners must answer surveys regarding medical provider availability.

The healthcare auditing company requested Ansafone handle the administration of these surveys and record provider answers via inbound and outbound calls.


Ansafone places between 300 and 1,000 outbound calls to medical providers to administer availability surveys. Ansafone also fields inbound calls in response to voicemails about surveys.

Ansafone reports survey results in compliance with California’s regulations. Through Ansafone’s gateway portal, the healthcare auditing company can access and play back recorded survey answers.

Results & Benefits

The healthcare auditing company never intended to handle this work inhouse because the company lacks the technology and staff to dedicate to this program. The healthcare auditing company chose to outsource through Ansafone for survey administration and data collection.

Through Ansafone’s outbound calling and inbound fielding, the healthcare auditing company can record survey answers from medical providers for multiple different California-specific health plans. Participation in these surveys keeps the healthcare audit company’s partners compliant with state regulations.

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