Oral Healthcare Company Required Outbound Calling Service to Alert Members and Providers in Different Time Zones of Authorization Results

June 30, 2021
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A dental healthcare company manages dental insurance plans for Americans across multiple states. The company required an outbound calling service to provide authorization results to members and providers of contracted dental plans.

Members and providers would need to be alerted as to whether authorization was approved or denied.

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The dental healthcare company requested Ansafone provide the outbound calling service needed to alert members and providers of the necessary authorization approval or denial information. No excess information would be shared with members or providers beyond what is listed on the authorization record.

Members and providers exist across many states and time zones. Outbound calls would need to adhere to state and federal laws regarding number dialing to the different areas.


Ansafone places 19,000 and 21,000 outbound calls per week on behalf of the dental healthcare company to alert members and providers of authorization status.

Ansafone provides approval or denial status on authorizations. Ansafone does not provide information beyond what is provided on the authorization record.

Results & Benefits

The dental healthcare company can communicate authorization approval or denial status to its thousands of members through the use of an outbound calling service. Members and providers are spread out across multiple states, so Ansafone’s outbound calling service is more effective than the company could provide in-house.

Ansafone meets compliance and regulatory requirements for both state and local laws regarding outbound calling to the members across multiple states.

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