Medical Group And Diagnosing The Problem

December 4, 2019
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The receptionist staff of a growing medical group was faced with a challenge: they were getting a high volume of calls from patients who needed help with scheduling or changing appointments, refilling prescriptions, insurance questions and more. With more than one dozen providers offering general and specialized service s, the staff also had to contend with changes to things like provider schedules. insurance and referral processes and other fluctuating processes. The group needed a solution that would allow staff to focus on patient-facing issues, while continuing to grow the number of patients served within a predefined budget.

Search for a Solution

The medical practice had been using another call center for five years, but leadership was frustrated with lack of communication and frequent mistakes. They were looking for a partner who could work alongside them and understand their unique needs. Agents had to have a high level of knowledge of the medical group’s functions, as well as experience with patient privacy requirements such as HIPAA compliance. What’s more, they had to be able to integrate the frequent process changes that are typical of medical practices of all sizes.

"We service approximately 7,000 calls per month, which had been overwhelming the local front desk staff. By letting Ansafone handle the calls, patient wait times and abandon calls have been significantly reduced and are now solved within standard contact center Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals. "

-Joseph Foss, Ansafone Integration and Client Success Strategist


In order to provide seamless customer service, Ansafone provided a group of dedicated agents to work directly within the medial practice’s ERM system. The agents underwent training on the system in addition to HIPAA and other healthcare requirements. Ansafone also dedicated an agent supervisor. Through these solutions, Ansafone helped the medical group to effectively improve patient service, as well as:

  • Better utilize receptionists’ time: With scheduling, prescription refills and other calls routed to Ansafone agents, on-site staff were able to focus more fully on serving patients with things like pre-appointment screenings.
  • Increase new patient appointments and decrease no-show appointments: With a dedicated team providing support for scheduling, canceling and rescheduling, patients can easily reach someone for assistance, rather than abandoning calls or simply not showing for appointments.
  • Increase patient satisfaction: A dedicated in-bound call team also helps decrease the frustration that can occur when patients can’t get service quickly.

Results & Benefits

In addition to providing a team of dedicated agents and a supervisor who provided open communication, Ansafone also satisfied the client’s main goal of staying on budget. As a result, the medical group has been able to grow its patient base while providing a better patient experience.

  • Efficiency is demonstrated through an average talk time of less than 3 minutes, meaning the experience is not burdened by the remote service solution, but is actually improved through dedicated focus (no walk-in or other office multi-tasking distractions) and Ansafone’s call transactional tools.

  • A dedicated phone group brings new abilities to focus on patient retention through proactive appointment reminder contacts. No show rates have decreased by double-digits through reminder and rescheduling efforts. 

  • With the phones covered, the front office staff is able to focus on their face-to-face interactions and ensuring the highest level of service and retention as well as marketing and recruitment efforts.

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