Healthcare Company Required Outside Team to Enroll Patients in Clinical Trials of Large Pharmaceutical Companies

June 30, 2021
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A patient recruitment company needed to recruit more patients for the clinical vaccine and medical trials of large pharmaceutical companies.

The patient recruitment company wanted to avoid spending money on an in-house call center team to handle calls to recruit patients for these trials.

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The patient recruitment company requested that Ansafone build a dedicated call center team to handle the company’s patient enrollment in the clinical vaccine and medical trials for specific large pharmaceutical companies.

Ansafone’s inbound shared team can work alongside the dedicated call team to respond to incoming patient calls and take calls outside of normal dialing hours.


The patient recruitment company has been using Ansafone for other projects since 2015. With this pharmaceutical trials project, the patient recruitment company required dedicated agents to call and recruit patients.

Ansafone uses the patient recruitment company’s own scripted platform. The dedicated Ansafone team of five handles enrolling, retention, and management. Through this method, the company saves money by avoiding an internal call center.

Results & Benefits

The patient recruitment company is saving money on overhead costs. Through this project, the patient recruitment company does not have to fund overhead or staffing costs for an in- house call center.

Ansafone’s dedicated project team and inbound shared team handle outgoing and incoming calls to increase patient enrollment in large pharmaceutical trials, boosting success rates for enrollment and retention.

Laura Conlon | Ansafone Contact Centers

Sales Consultant


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