5 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Improve Your Bottom Line

A company’s receptionist performs valuable duties such as fielding important phone calls and scheduling appointments. Having a skilled receptionist is a must for a company to stay organized and succeed. However, utilizing a virtual receptionist rather than an in-house receptionist can improve your company’s bottom line. 

A virtual receptionist will perform the same duties as an in-house receptionist without requiring additional training, pay, or space. They will work more effectively and efficiently while allowing your employees to stay focused and on task. 

By using a call center’s virtual receptionist services, you can improve your company’s gains. Below are five ways a virtual receptionist can help your business’s bottom line.

A Virtual Receptionist Does Not Require a Salary

By using a virtual receptionist through a contact center, you avoid hiring a receptionist as part of your in-house staff. This saves you a great deal of money on your receptionist’s salary and benefits. 

  • You will avoid paying for a receptionist’s salary or hourly rate.
  • You will avoid paying for a receptionist’s employee benefits.
  • You will avoid paying taxes on an employed receptionist.

Outsourcing a contact center for virtual receptionist services will greatly benefit your company in the long term. Every W2 employee on staff requires an hourly or salaried pay rate plus employer-provided benefits and employer-required taxes. A virtual receptionist would cost a fraction of that total.

You Receive 24/7 Service Without Overtime Costs

A virtual receptionist provides live answering services at all hours through their contact center. As a business owner, you can benefit from an increase in available hours without the need for in-house employee overtime or overnight shift pay increases.

This not only benefits your company but your customers as well. When a customer’s call can be answered at any time of day, they are more likely to develop brand loyalty. Your customers will feel as though they can rely on your company to provide solutions to their needs at all times. 

You Save on Employee Training Costs

Virtual receptionists do not require in-house training, which can cost the company money and time. Proprietary training materials, seminars, and company-paid hours add up for each new employee hired. Eliminating the need for an in-house receptionist saves money on the training front. 

  • A virtual receptionist will use their own equipment, including hardware and software. They will not have to train on your company’s items.
  • A virtual receptionist will not require that another employee spend time training them.

A contact center’s virtual receptionist will already be highly trained and skilled in receptionist duties and will quickly learn your business’ needs and processes. Any additional add-ons can be implemented easily.

You Will Save on Company Overhead Costs

Each employee hired as in-person staff adds to overall overhead costs. Overhead costs for a business include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilities like water, electricity, and gas
  • Office space rent, desk, phone, and computer
  • Insurance and legal fees

When you opt for a virtual receptionist, you will pay zero in-house overhead costs. Your virtual receptionist will work in a separate location.

There Will Be Less Wasted Time and More Productivity

In a large company, many phone calls come in at all times. Employees across all departments may be required to answer calls when the volume becomes overwhelming. Additionally, all employees fielding calls are losing productivity and time on priority tasks. A virtual receptionist can help with this issue. 

  • Taking the time to answer phone calls pulls your employees’ focus away from their main duties. Distractions increase the time it takes to get back on track.
  • A receptionist is trained in fielding calls with ease and efficiency. Employees not trained in these tasks may struggle. This can lead to calls lasting longer than necessary and frustrated callers getting transferred several times. 
  • Priority tasks fall by the wayside when calls continue to come in.

Time wasted on the phone drains your business’s productivity. The loss of time and the added distractions add up to waste company money. A virtual assistant, however, is dedicated to fielding calls. They can improve efficiency and save the company money.

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