Answering Service for Landscapers: The Perks

It’s common in the landscaping industry that a full-time receptionist may not be on staff. On part of this, it’s up to the business owner to answer calls as they come, which could be at any time of the day. Whether it’s a larger, medium or small size landscaping company, it’s important that every single call is taken to boost and retain business. This may prove difficult if the owner is tied up with the operational side of the business or is out in the field working a job. Sure, there is voicemail to fall back on, but how many missed opportunities is a business willing to gamble? The answer should be none! A single missed call could mean that a potential customer has, instead, decided to seek out services from a competitor.

Growing a landscaping business means securing leads, scheduling customers, and offering useful information as well as friendly customer service. Company owners really need to ensure they never stop boosting customer loyalty. In this type of industry, establishing a sturdy customer base is crucial in creating long-term success. To ease the pressure from the busy phone lines, landscaping businesses can outsource with a contact center. Inbound call handling is the solution! It’s a sure way to prevent calls from going unanswered. 

Ways Live Agents Can Assist a Business

With professional and knowledgeable representatives ready to answer calls, landscaping business owners and staff can fully commit to their onsite duties as well as face-to-face interactions with customers. It minimizes interruptions and distractions, which makes for more day-to-day productivity. On top of that, carefully personalized scripts can help call agents represent brands exactly how the business wishes to be represented. Contact Centers can offer flexible services that adapt to the needs of the landscaping or gardening company. 

There are many ways in which an answering service can assist in the landscaping industry. Aside from the great bonus of freeing up time for normal duties like field evaluations, in-person follow-ups and estimating new opportunities, an answering service can step in to help with each of the following:

  • Taking messages from callers about changes or additions to their scheduled services. 
  • Setting appointments, or changing appointments when customers need confirmations and adjustments.
  • Establishing a web-based calendar for appointment setting that includes detailed notes for each customer. This helps keep processes organized and make sure every customer is scheduled accurately.
  • Capturing leads  from callers, no matter the time or day. Contact Center agents are ready to answer the phones 24/7, even on holidays. 


Understanding the terminology of this industry is crucial. Contact Center agents are highly trained with the right verbiage, so customers are never left confused or without the answers they were after. Whether it’s capturing more sales, providing better customer support as a whole or simple being an extra voice to help meet busy season demands, outsourcing with a Contact Center is truly the way to go for those in the landscaping and gardening business. 

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