Using Big Data to Drive Customer-Intelligent Experiences

Using Big Data to Drive Customer-Intelligent Experiences

Knowing your customer is one of the most important elements of running a successful business. What makes this difficult is that no customer is exactly the same. When companies are forced to create brand messages that appeal to broad ranges of people, they risk not connecting with anyone. A lack of personalization makes customers feel like just a number rather than a valued member of your inner network. They have no hesitations in leaving you for the next best thing when it comes along.

Creating exceptional service experiences that convince customers to stay requires intelligence. With the right tools, you can collect data you need to truly understand the wants, needs and motivations of patrons. You can then use this information to personalize every interaction with customer-intelligent experiences that strengthen engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

Detailed Data Deepens Customer ExperiencesDetailed Data Deepens Customer Experiences

A resounding 89 percent of companies surveyed by Accenture believe that big data is the next big thing to revolutionize business operations. The majority agree that data analytics has helped them identify untapped revenue sources and has inspired innovations in product development. Diverse data also produces insights that pinpoint weaknesses in your current end-to-end customer processes. It generates ideas for new initiatives to engage more customers.

Most importantly, customer intelligent data can help you proactively deliver personalized, real-time experiences at every stage of the journey. Using details provided by smart CMR software, customer engagement reps can predict future buying behavior based on purchase history. You will hit five-star service when your rep recommends products that solve a problem the customer wasn’t even aware of.

Breaking Down the Big Data BarriersBreaking Down the Big Data Barriers

While companies realize the importance of collecting meaningful data to drive customer-intelligent experiences, two-thirds are struggling with how to capitalize on the details, says the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services. Some cite organizational silos, lack of system integrations and data quality issues, such as standardization and inconsistent collection, as barriers to culling useable information. Employee skillsets and outdated technology also impede efforts to document the customer’s journey.

You can resolve many of these challenges by outsourcing your CX strategy to a company that specializes in collecting customer data as it answers questions and resolves complaints. Proper analytics convert this knowledge into intelligent insights. These can be used to boost recruitment, retention and cross-selling opportunities. Ansafone also offers the answers that you need to:

Centralize Customer Intelligence

From social media, mobile and e-commerce channels to phone conversations, chat sessions and email messages, data is gathered and stored in a variety of disjointed ways. When this information never syncs up in one location, it is impossible to understand what is driving your customers. HBR Analytics Services reports that only 13 percent of companies have a single source of customer intelligence across all products and activities. A similar ratio of 15 percent of company leaders believes they are effective in delivering relevant and reliable customer experiences.

This success has inspired 5 out of 10 companies to find new solutions for funneling their disconnected data into a single CRM system. This focused approach produces a clear view of which actions or products will keep a specific customer engaged. However, the time and technology to create such a sophisticated infrastructure strains the resources of most companies. Ansafone’s equips its professional call center with next-generation CRM technology. Technology that consolidates information from every channel into a single source of customer insights.

Prove Return on Investment

Since customer experience is subjective, qualitatively measuring its quality presents a major challenge for organizations. You may be struggling to prove ROI on your marketing and customer satisfaction strategies. This may be because you lack the analytic tools to extract insights that will strengthen your business. By collecting information from customers at every touchpoint, you will see qualitative differences in small changes to the customer experience. Ansafone trains customer engagement specialists to confirm personal details, record the specifics of the transaction and capture insightful feedback during conversations. We can also employ automated tools via email and outbound phone calls to gather post-interaction opinions. With that information, you can prove that your company excels at delivering a wow customer experience that boosts profits.

As technology continues to shift, contact centers are broadening their role in helping businesses understand the buying decisions and product preferences of their customers across all communication platforms. Contact a customer experience strategist at (800) 510-0514 to discuss how Ansafone’s contact center can help you collect meaningful data that drives customer-intelligent experiences.

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