Bilingual Support is a Customer Service Necessity in 2021

Customer support in the US can no longer survive by tailoring only to English customers. Today, Spanish-speaking people make up a large percentage of Americans. Many of these people speak Spanish natively and do not speak fluent English. Your call center must offer bilingual support to all potential callers, regardless of language. 

Foreign-language customers deserve uninhibited support when they call your center with questions or concerns. When their needs are met, customers are more likely to place an order. It is necessary in 2021 to have bilingual agents at your call center ready and able to take foreign-language calls like these.

Bilingual Support Allows Your Business to Grow Its Customer Base

With bilingual customer support, you have more opportunities to build customer loyalty. Customers who know they call your business and receive tailored support in their own native language are more likely to remain loyal to your business. 

  • Customer questions can be answered quickly and easily.
  • Your customer will not feel unwelcome or uncomfortable due to a language barrier.
  • More callers will equate to a larger call volume and a potential for more sales. 

Bilingual support improves your business through the customer experience. Great customer service builds a large customer base. Bilingual customer support is a necessity to achieve the best level of customer service in today’s global world. 

Through that organic, word-of-mouth advertising, your business can grow and thrive as more foreign-language customers take notice of your business. 

Bilingual Support Allows Growth in Foreign Markets

Bilingual support can allow you to expand your company’s reach into foreign-language speaking areas. With bilingual agents on staff, you can open up communication with non-English customers. 

  • Through bilingual support, your call center can communicate with communities in the US where English is not regularly spoken. There, you can establish a business relationship and potential sales opportunities. 
  • If you hope to expand to international markets, bilingual support is paramount in communicating with those in other countries. 

Many of these communities have thriving businesses that could benefit from a call center. If no support in their native language has been offered, they are missing out on important services. Your call center can fill a much-needed role.

Customers of All Languages Prefer Speaking to a Human

Translation software can fill some needs, particularly with emails and text-based communications. However, the majority of customers still want to speak to a human representative through voice calls. There is no better way to communicate than through bilingual agents who can offer personalized support to these callers. 

Translation software and other communication applications are not always accurate. Additionally, they can create awkward pauses and uncomfortable silence for agents and customers on a call.  

Bilingualism Is a Job Requirement 

In the US, over 43 million people speak Spanish as their native language. This number equates to nearly 13 percent of the total US population. This number is constantly increasing each year. 

  • You should notice that most call centers include bilingualism as a job requirement. 
  • To keep up with the competition, your call center must offer the same service.
  • Bilingual agents are easier to find and hire than ever before.

Many businesses now require bilingual customer support. It is the standard. To remain competitive, you must keep up with this demand in your own call center. 

Many people in the job market were raised in bilingual households. Others have become fluent through higher education second-language courses. Your company must take advantage of the growing number of bilingual workers. The US is growing more diverse by the day and call centers must stay on top of every potential call in order to grow and thrive.

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