BPO is an asset and not a liability

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Due to many factors, businesses have become extremely competitive. To compete, you must be efficient and have the correct technology in place. This is where having a company that specializes in BPO can be an asset to your business.

BPO or business process outsourcing is the moving of certain processes or operations outside of your main office. This can be done for a variety of different reasons, however, cost and efficiency are key factors.

BPO doesn’t only save a business money, but can also help improve focus and productivity. In a world, where consumers demand high-quality customer service, businesses must zero in on providing the best service or product possible. There is where BPO can help.

Business process outsourcing is a proven way to help your business grow, and highly skilled individuals are ready and waiting to deliver high-quality results. BPO is not limited to any certain types of work or activities, though most companies use it to supplement their main sales and service objectives.

The most important thing is ensuring that you choose a company that gives you real humans to interact with, instead of always trying to rely on outdated bots to manage the complex nature of your business.

How does BPO work for a business?

You determine the business processes where you’re struggling or need help with, especially those taking up time and preventing you from closing sales and delivering excellent customer service. From there, you create a quick list of what it takes to do these processes. In many cases, it is a mix of technology and specific knowledge.

Ask potential BPO providers about their processes and how you can ensure that they meet the metrics you require. This will help you determine how the BPO provider fits into your business.

A great company will thoroughly explain their process and provide specific agents to interact with you throughout your working relationship. In BPO, quality is based on reputation and company strength, not location.

What are the benefits of business process outsourcing?

When looking at the big picture for BPO, the benefits it provides often focus on efficiency and time management. You’re gaining a more efficient process while also freeing up your team to spend more time on what you value as most important.

Depending on what you outsource to, there are potential savings related to workforce costs. It is often more affordable to have a very skilled professional from a BPO provider perform complex tasks than to hire them full-time and provide the related bonuses and benefits. You’re also often able to afford training and associated educational costs when you hire the right provider.

Outsourcing can also help you control costs better by limiting the time spent on certain cost activities, so you only pay as you need specific help.


Some companies see cost reductions in the software related to the task they outsource. A BPO firm can use a single license for managing things like a CRM, even if multiple people are working on it for you at various times. In some instances, the provider may pay for bulk licenses of common programs, passing the savings on to you.

BPO can help customers see you as an always-open business.

As a bonus, you often will get access to the latest technology in these areas. Your BPO partner may charge you a small fee for some of this, but it means you don’t have to research and test what’s right, just trust your partner to deliver.

Many companies are starting to outsource the service and support part of their sales process to BPO providers. This can be a compelling option because they typically can ensure 24/7 support with the latest information. You get to set the rules and then these teams can follow them whenever the customer needs help.

At the same time, you’ve also got an expert who is ready to provide support in a new region. When you choose a BPO partner, you can ask what languages and locations their teams support. If you grow into one of those markets, your customer service element is already poised to help. There’s no need for you to try and hire local, seek out new language experts, or build up a team in your organization.‍


What types of services does Ansafone Provide?

Inbound Customer Service: Customers always expect to reach a live agent, whether inbound contact is made via phone, email, social media, a website form or a live chat box.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): A custom-designed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone system ensures that your primary point of contact with customers is easy and direct.

Live Chat: Drive conversions and strengthen brand loyalty by offering online visitors on-demand customer support.

Outbound Sales: In an outbound center, we don’t take calls from customers—instead, our agents call the customer. Outbound services usually include telemarketing, sales, surveys, and customer retention calls.

Social Media Customer Service:  You can stay on top of all your social profiles effortlessly—24/7, every day of the year.

‍Finding where there are deficiencies in your business can be a great place to start when considering business processing services. Location doesn’t need to be a limit anymore.

Start smart with reliable processes and partners

BPO holds significant promise for organizations of all shapes and sizes, but giving up any control can feel a little uncomfortable. That’s why most companies start with small tasks that are data- and time-intensive.

You can feel out how the process works and if you have a good partner by the way they communicate throughout the process and how well they adapt to your feedback. Ask them for assistance getting started and how you can expand your services. You’ll quickly find that your partner is either ready to help you scale or is treating you like a commodity and providing bland, or even shoddy work.

The goal of BPO is freeing you up to go after high-value targets. Worrying about data entry from low-quality outsourcing doesn’t do that. It won’t give you the time back that you’re hoping for, and it can introduce greater headaches.

To learn more about how Ansafone BPO services can help your business, visit us at www.ansafone.com.

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