Customizable Service Plans For Businesses

Deciding which contact center to partner with is a critical choice in determining the success of your business. The other major criteria is cost. How much a company spends on services can significantly impact resources available for other areas. Still, it can also affect the overall return on investment (ROI) that a company will see from their investment.

With that in mind, it is crucial to make sure that you are paying for the best possible options that fit your company’s needs without paying for extra services that are less than ideal.

The Problem

Unfortunately, many outsourcing companies will have their services ‘bundled.’ This method leaves you choosing which plan or package best fits your needs, but often contains extra services that are less than ideal or needed. These plans are designed to bring the outsourcing company more money and not to provide the best service to their clients.

Additionally, fees and service charges are often included in these packages that many businesses pay for without ever using. The pricing for these plans is based on the total cost of the services included. Pricing this way often leads to excess and unnecessary charges that the company will be paying each month. These unnecessary costs can significantly affect a business’s budget and leave you getting fewer services for the money spent.

How Ansafone Is Different

At Ansafone Contact Centers, we take a tailored approach to creating service plans for our clients. Instead of imposing clients to select between predetermined packages, we assist clients by listening to them first and then, create a custom plan that best fits the client’s needs.

By allowing a client to customize their service plan, it provides an opportunity to target specific needs and concerns while staying within budget constraints. The ability to do this is due to the unique structure of Ansafone itself. While Ansafone does offer plans, we feel it is best is when we can personalize a plan that fits our clients. Not cookie-cutter solutions.

Customizable Options & Pricing

Ansafone Contact Centers offers a variety of options that can be utilized individually or within a custom plan. What makes us unique is that our pricing is based on agent work time. This method means that if the client needs only minutes and no extraordinary circumstances or needs, they can focus resources on the minutes. Pricing is also customized based on:

  • Language needs
  • Scope of work
  • Call Volume

Ansafone also separates portal pricing and offers various service levels, ensuring you are not paying for options that you will not be using. Patching costs are also isolated so that if you don’t use it, you don’t have to pay for it. Typically, most other companies include portal fees and patching costs within their ‘per minute’ pricing.

Help Along The Way

At Ansafone, our sales staff is here to help you decide what services will best fit your needs. Rather than giving you a list to choose from, our agents will help evaluate your situation and suggest the proper solutions. Ansafone has 50 years of world-class experience and brand care working with a wide array of businesses from Fortune 500 corporations to government entities. Our agents can pull from that experience to help make informed decisions and guide your company to the best possible plan.

About Ansafone Contact Centers

Ansafone Contact Centers is an award-winning, BPO provider with 50 years of world-class customer experience and brand care. We are a national call center with omni- channel services, fully-equipped to help you in business and any special circumstances.

Request a quote or call 800-510-0514 to learn more about our custom solutions for creating exceptional customer service experiences for your clients. We’re happy to offer insight into what your customers seek from your company’s language offerings and tailored customer solutions.

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