How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Affect Technology and Call Centers

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With technological advances, more and more consumers are expecting everything to be solved with a click of a button, no matter how difficult the situation. Some believe that Artificial Intelligence is the future of customer service, which can have a big impact on the call center industry.

However, many call centers, such as Ansafone are looking to Artificial Intelligence to help their agents and not as a means to replace them. Call centers should view AI as an enhancer, making agents more effective and efficient. AI also gives customers options in terms of how they want to interact with a company.

How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Call centers?

When it comes to sales and customer support, most consumers still prefer a person over automation.   This does not mean that AI cannot be used to make the lives of agents much easier.

In terms of AI in contact centers, it comes in many forms. It could be a live chat, programmed emails, or an IVR system. Many of these solutions can be used to help streamline your operations. It could be something as simple as setting up an online FAQ form or getting a system with IVR capabilities. These small changes can make answers to simple questions quick and easy for your customers.

With enhancements constantly being made, within a few years, we may see AI enhance many of the current tasks being performed by live agents. This will help streamline processes and reduce costs. Here are some examples of how AI is helping in call centers:

Virtual Agents. Virtual agents can deliver a human-like experience to customers and can work in tandem with a live agent (i.e. collecting routine information to pass to an agent) or on their own to help resolve issues with a customer.

Customer Convenience. Automation helps reduce wait times, extends operational hours, and helps make processes more efficient. In some cases, customers can choose to work through an automated system or request to speak with a live agent. This gives customers the option of how they would like to be assisted.

Predicting Customer Behavior. AI can use data to anticipate customer’s needs. For example, Artificial Intelligence may be able to determine if the call is an emergency and immediately direct the customer to an agent.

Agent Assistance. Automation is not only enhancing call center operations but is also reducing costs. Each agent is no longer required to answer every single call, text, or email. Instead, AI is filtering and completing certain tasks for them. Agents can also receive advice while on a call with a customer to assist with complex situations.

Call Routing. With the assistance of AI, customers are often able to find their own solution by following a series of prompts. If a customer does need to speak to a live agent, relevant information can be gathered, which can properly route them to the correct agent.

Quality Assurance. Using recorded phone calls, call center managers can properly train agents and resolve any problem areas. For example, some machines can categorize common questions and their most effective responses. Managers can then review and share them with their teams.

Will AI Completely Replace Call Centers?

Artificial Intelligence at this time will not replace a call center. If you remove the live agent component you run a high risk of losing loyal customers. While smaller tasks can be handled quickly using AI, most consumers still value personal interaction. Also, only a live agent will be able to resolve complex issues and receive valuable feedback. Agents also add empathy and personalization to conversations that AI cannot. While AI does make a call center more efficient, people still prefer one-on-one interaction.

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