How Customizable Scripts Improve Your Customer Service

Contact centers field many calls per day. Utilizing customizable scripts is a significant way to improve a contact center’s customer service because they allow agents to keep calls brief and to the point. When customer calls go long, it damages an agent’s productivity score. Scripts not only improve this score, but they improve the customer experience, as well. 

Agents in a contact center benefit from using general, customizable scripts and tailoring these scripts to specific caller needs. No two calls are identical, but many customer calls follow the same basic direction from start to finish. With customizable contact center scripts, agents can ensure callers receive adequate solutions in a timely manner. 

Customizable Scripts Are Flexible

Contact center agents field calls from different types of callers. These different callers require your agents to perform unique tasks and provide solutions that are specific to their category. These types of callers include:

  • Customer service callers
  • Sales callers
  • Tech support callers

The script for a customer service call is not the same as the script for a sales support call, and vice versa. Customizable scripts allow for this flexibility to ensure that all types of callers have their needs met effectively.  A customized script can be tailored to the call in question in order to guarantee an efficient and speedy call. 

Additionally, contact center customer service calls can cover a wide variety of subjects and scenarios. These calls can have many different outcomes. Customers call for a myriad of reasons and customizable scripts allow agents to keep the conversation on track. It is important for contact center agents to control the conversation and prevent it from lasting too long.

Customizable Scripts Prevent Wasted Time

Some customers will call and talk indefinitely if the answering contact center agent does not put an end to the conversation. Customizable scripts are useful in this instance because they allow the agent to drive the call at all times. 

No matter what reason a customer has for calling your contact center, the same basic steps can be followed to handle their needs and find an appropriate solution. These customizable scripts help because they stand in as organized, step-by-step methods for agents to reference.

  • Open the call with a friendly and warm greeting.
  • Recognize the customer’s needs.
  • Gather important information from the customer. 
  • Offer a solution or take customer contact information to call back. 
  • Sign off with a pleasant salutation.

These basic steps can get agents through most calls. The agent will either have a solution for the customer while they are on the call, or they can call back with a solution after one has been found. Script flexibility is required so customers feel that they are being heard sincerely. 

However, too much flexibility and the point of the script can be lost. The script’s outline should be kept since it is the structure holding the call together.

Customizable Scripts Provide Brand Consistency

With the use of customizable scripts, your customer service remains consistent through every call. Repeat customers can rely on that consistency with each call, regardless of the agent who answers their call. Increased brand consistency boosts customer service approval, and grows customers’ trust for your contact center and company.

  • Contact center agents all have the same basic scripts so calls feel familiar. 
  • Contact center agents can customize and change scripts when appropriate so calls feel personable.
  • Contact center agents all undergo the same training so customers can feel confident no matter who answers their call. 

Customizable scripts are powerful training tools, as well. Agents will feel comfortable having a script to fall back on with each call. It is important that agents do not simply read a script verbatim, however. Customers want to feel that they are speaking with someone who is truly listening, so agents must use the appropriate amount of enthusiasm and personality when working from a customizable script.

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