How Live Chat Services Can Increase Sales for Businesses and Offer an Exceptional Customer Experience

Live chat service is a powerful customer service tool that has gained popularity over the last several years. Live chat, sometimes called web chat, provides a way for your website visitors to exchange text communications with your company or answering service in real-time.

These services allow customers to deal with complaints in real-time and provide a high level of customer satisfaction. With these services being outsourced to a contact center such as Ansafone Contact Centers, it reduces employees’ workload and stress while improving customer satisfaction.

However, live chat services can go beyond customer service solutions. Integrating live chat into your website can help increase sales and generate new leads. In this article, we will look at how businesses can utilize live chat services on the sales side in addition to the customer service side.


Immediate Feedback & Information

When a potential customer arrives on your website, they browse for a product and look for information. The best-case scenario is that the website answers all possible questions; however, this is often not the case.

Consumers in today’s market want their questions answered immediately. Having to wait till morning to call a business or sending a message and waiting for it to be returned can often cause a potential customer to look elsewhere and cost your company the sale. When someone is right there to answer shoppers’ questions, they’re far less likely to move on to a competitor’s site.

By using Live Chat Services, your customer can ask their questions and interact live with an agent who will represent the brand and attempt to close the sale. This ability keeps the consumers on your site, even if the original service or product they asked about does not fit their needs. Live chat has been proven to increase conversions and improve customer loyalty!


Increase Order Size and Get Additional Orders

Additionally, live chat can also help increase order size and help net future orders. When a potential customer is talking with a live chat agent, the agent can suggest cross-sells and offer upsells.

In many cases, a friendly recommendation during a live chat session is all it takes to increase orders’ average size. Live chat is the most effective way of making these user-friendly suggestions. A trained agent can use their training and experience to add value to each sale.

Positive experiences in chatting with live chat agents can also earn future orders from satisfied customers. When a customer who utilizes the live chat feature has a positive experience, they will remember that and associate it with your brand. These positive brand experiences can earn your business future orders and recommendations.


Ansafone Contact Centers Offers High-Quality Live Chat Services

Ansafone Contact Centers provides Live Chat Services for a wide variety of industries. Our agents are trained to provide high-quality sales and customer service. Customers report an 85-90% success rate when using Ansafone’s live chat features, which helps increase their overall satisfaction with your brand.

Ansafone’s live chat services make it easier than ever to offer the numerous benefits of live chat to your customers. Some of the benefits we offer are:

  • Easy chat implementation to any website
  • Agents available to support your online visitors 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Real-time visitor shopping insights and ability to detect customers who might need extra support
  • Agents who are trained to up-sell your products or services and influence the outcome of the sale
  • Helpful advice and answers to customer questions
  • Potential for improvement in bottom-line performance and customer satisfaction
  • Affordable live chat services that are a seamless extension of your office
  • Customized, preapproved scripts to answer frequently asked questions

About Ansafone Contact Centers

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