How Outsourcing Calls Can Help with Staff Shortages

With so many businesses in the US experiencing staff shortages, outsourcing calls is a helpful solution. A professional, experienced contact center can handle your company’s calls while alleviating the burden of labor gaps and understaffed departments. Consider outsourcing your company’s calls to an outside call answering service. 

Call answering and screening is a key component of any business, but this particular job does not have to be done by in-house staff members. If you are having difficulties finding employees to fill positions in your company, a contact center can take care of your business’s call answering and screening. 

Outsourcing Calls Keeps In-House Employees on Task

If your business gets many calls a day, your staff likely must switch between multiple tasks. This is not helpful for your business’s productivity levels, especially when you are working with an already limited number of employees. By outsourcing your company’s phone calls, this is no longer an issue.

You might have a smaller staff in-house due to labor shortages, but the smaller group can get more done without distractions. For example, you might have the following dedicated staff members:

  • Operations team members
  • Sales team members
  • Accounting team members

When contact center agents handle calls and call screening, each of your in-house departments can stay on task throughout the entire workday. Additionally, A well-trained contact center answering team can streamline relevant calls to the correct departments. 

Contact center agents can send promising sales leads to the sales team, and accounting calls can be forwarded to accounting, etc. 

Contact Centers Are More Likely to Be Staffed

Staffing your business in-house is more difficult than staffing a contact center. This is because contact centers have a wider labor pool from which to choose. While your company might be hiring within a specific city, contact centers often have locations spread across the country. 

When outside factors are contributing to labor shortages, staffing your company becomes even more difficult. An ongoing pandemic, school closures, and limited childcare options are preventing companies from hiring full-time staff. However, this is less of a problem for contact centers. For this reason, outsourcing calls can help. 

Once you decide to outsource your business’s call answering to an outside contact center, you no longer have to consider staffing issues in regards to customer service and call answering. The contact center agents are all employed by the contact center, not your company. Therefore, the contact center handles all of the following:

  • Staff hiring and training
  • Staff overhead, such as employment taxes and benefits
  • Staff scheduling

Therefore, you not only save yourself the time and stress of bringing in more staff members in the midst of a labor shortage, but you relinquish control over the call answering duties entirely. 

Contact Centers Offer Callers More Well-Rounded Support

Depending on the call answering package you choose, the outsourced contact center answering service can typically provide more options than an in-house staff could. As a business owner, it will be up to you to decide what services you want the outsourced call answering service to provide. Typical options include:

  • Multilingual agents on call
  • 24/7 call answering, rather than just during business hours
  • Availability during high-volume call times

Under ideal circumstances, your call volume can become overwhelming. When your business is short-staffed, your customer satisfaction can suffer. In addition, your employees are more likely to become overwhelmed and stressed. Choosing to outsource calls to a contact center can protect your company from undue negativity. 

During uncertain times, the ability to rely on highly skilled agents to answer your company’s calls and screen them professionally can save you money and headache. Your customer calls will continue to be answered while your on-hand staff can thrive. 

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