Secure Text Messaging Can Replace Antiquated Pager Systems

Pager technology gained popularity in the US in the 1980s as an effective way of communicating with someone who was away from their home or office. However, as mobile phones became increasingly popular, the pager market saw a dramatic decrease until pagers were only a fraction of the mobile communications market by the end of the 1990s. 

However, pagers maintained their prominence in the medical and public service industries. Many hospitals and medical practices still use them today, but why? The reason lies in a combination of reliability and information security. 

Medical Pagers

Pagers remained prominent in medical facilities for a few different reasons. One of the main reasons for choosing pagers over a mobile phone is signal strength inside large hospitals. Even if the area has a strong signal outside, the signal often degrades as it passes through walls and rooms. A weak signal can make it challenging to maintain a secure connection in many parts of the building. Signal strength is also why pagers see continued use in the public service industry, with paging systems allowing for better communication in areas with intermittent cell tower coverage. 

The second reason is information security. The messages sent out to medical staff via pager are often confidential and contain critical personal details about patients. Keeping such information secure and confidential is compulsory to maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. 

However, the infrastructure and services that provide paging capability have become outdated and more difficult to maintain. Thus, many of the medical facilities are having to look for new ways to communicate with the necessary staff in both a practical and secure manner. 

A Modern Solution

A popular alternative being used by medical facilities and hospitals is Secure Text Messaging such as the services provided by Ansafone. 

Secure Text Messaging offers the ability to send and receive messages on a fully HIPAA-compliant SMS system making it appropriate for healthcare and medical industries and other organizations. This technology makes it simple to safely exchange sensitive information via text, no matter where you are. Staff can experience all the benefits of texting but in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Ansafone’s Secure Text Messaging Service

With Ansafone’s Secure Text Messaging Service, you can move from a pager system to a more modern, effective, and secure communication system that is HIPAA-compliant and more beneficial to your staff. 

Whether you’re in healthcare or another type of industry, you can experience the following benefits of Ansafone’s secure text messaging technology:

  • 100% safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant text messaging
  • Efficient, quick sending and receiving of important messages
  • Real-time conversations through text
  • The ability to use mobile devices or computers to send and receive messages
  • On-call notifications
  • The ability to share images and documents
  • Quick “canned” messages customized to your needs
  • The ability to protect against data breach even if devices are lost or stolen
  • The ability to escalate important notifications
  • A streamlined communication system that is available even on-the-go

Utilizing a Secure Text Messaging System will provide a complete SMS platform for business messaging. You can send and receive text messages, allowing you and your team members to share important information instantly. Your confidential conversations will always be kept secure within your information when you use Ansafone’s text messaging services.

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