Tips for Client Communication Strategies During COVID-19

Communication is key for any business, and it has become increasingly more challenging during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to reach out to your customers and provide them with the information they need will help maintain relationships and connections.

So how do you maintain this flow of information? Should you change your current communication styles and channels? How do you impact on your overall business moving forward?

Don’t be Conservative With Communication

One of the first things to do is to communicate in the first place. During this time of uncertainty, everyone is very anxious and information hungry. People want to know how their day-to-day lives are going to change both now and in the future. Making sure you are reaching out to your clients helps them understand and assure how their relationship with your business will look like in the future.

Even if you have shared all of the pertinent information in previous communications, don’t be afraid to continue to reach out. The more details that customers know, the better their decision making will be in the future. With the current stressors in play, seeing additional branded content will help keep your business fresh on their minds.

Be Transparent With COVID-19 Changes

One consideration when disseminating information is to be transparent with how your business is being affected. You also want to be open about what changes are happening because of new regulations and safety concerns.

Your clients need to understand the impact COVID-19 has had on your business. Typically, struggling sales or staffing difficulties are something that would generally be kept more private during normal operations. However, with public knowledge of such details being very open currently, it is vital to do the same with your customers. Doing so helps clients feel a bond with your company and to know that you are transparent.

As customers worry about keeping themselves and their families safe, they want to see what changes you are making. They want to feel safe when doing business with your company, but they also want to know what to expect. Highlighting the steps you are going through goes a long way to making them feel secure and informed.

Focus on Community and Unity

Everyone has experienced hardships during the COVID-19 crisis, some much more than others. It is important now to unite and be harmonious in our collaboration. From businesses struggling to figure out the new “normal” and changing roles for local workers, first responders, and medical staff in our community, being flexible is also critical.

One centralized theme that has been evident is the public’s focus on helping their local communities and each other. Many businesses and corporations have focused heavily on their involvement within their local neighborhoods. The company’s advertising efforts and willingness to support the local community are essential when customers are more selective about their purchases and business relationships.

Another trend that has emerged is a sense of unity amongst businesses and their customers. The overall attitude of competitors and rivalry has taken a backseat to industries and individual companies standing in solidarity with one another.

Avoid Stats and Information About the Virus

When you are sending out or posting information, you want to avoid giving any stats or providing any information about the virus itself. The nature of the COVID-19 virus makes it a difficult one to understand fully. Because of this, the recommendations and best practices have changed many times over the last three months. Our collective knowledge of how the virus spreads, its symptoms, and other details are ever-changing.

Because of this, you want to avoid including the information in correspondence. If the authorities change the details later on you, don’t want your content displaying the wrong data. Instead, link to a reliable reference such as the Center for Disease Control’s website or another local authority. Their sites will be updated as new information becomes available, which means the link will be safe.

Don’t Be Dismissive and Avoid Talking About “When It’s Over”

There are many different opinions on COVID-19 and the nation’s response to the impending pandemic. Regardless of where your company’s personal viewpoint stands, it is crucial not to dismiss other views. Ensuring that you have communicated clear instructions, rules, and procedures will help avoid potential future problems.

You also want to avoid taking in terms of “when this is all over.” As people begin to get used to the current changes, they need to accept that, to a certain degree, ‘normal” may look very different for a while.

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