Utilizing Live Chat As a Construction Company 

In today’s modern world, many people prefer to do most of their research online. This includes researching companies for potential sales and business transactions. A common feature among many websites is live chat. Live chat allows website visitors and contact center agents to chat in real-time with potential customers and website visitors. 

Live chat is not just a great tool for retail companies. All kinds of companies can benefit from live chat, including construction companies. Any feature that streamlines contact between your company and its potential customers can boost sales and revenue. If your construction company has a website, take advantage of every communication tool. 

Increase Your Company’s Customer Service Options

Customers in every arena want convenience and control. They want the ability to choose which of their preferred customer service tools to use at any given time. Utilizing live chat as a construction company gives potential clients a convenient way to reach out to knowledgeable agents and receive prompt customer service. 

Regardless of whether your construction company sells retail items on your website, potential customers and clients have many reasons to peruse your company’s web page. 

  • Customers may want to know more about your company. 
  • They may be interested in hiring your company for construction work. 
  • They may be looking for a construction quote.

All of these reasons and more bring visitors to your construction company’s website. Including a live chat option provides a simple and efficient way for these visitors to ask contact center agents questions that might arise during the process. 

Offering your potential customers convenience is the first step in making them feel comfortable and welcome. Allowing a person to utilize a pop-up live chat window to ask all of their necessary questions in real-time is quicker, easier, and more effective. They will appreciate the ease of use your website provides. 

Increase Customer Engagement with Live Chat

Your construction company website is meant to give visitors important information about your company. Your website essentially operates as a showroom for your company, allowing visitors to view all of the following:

  • Photos of previous builds
  • Customer testimonials
  • The specific type of work your company performs

Additionally, visitors will likely come to your website to request project quotes and to find any other relevant information. A live chat feature allows contact center agents to personally introduce website visitors to your construction company’s virtual showroom. 

Agents can provide quote information, help visitors navigate the website, and familiarize visitors with the typical project types your construction company handles. A website is even more convenient than an open house for most people because they can look at hundreds of photos, testimonials and ask specific questions from the comfort of their own homes.

With fully-trained live chat agents who are familiar with your construction company and the business that your company performs, website visitors can receive well-rounded and engaging customer service experiences. These chats can then lead to sales meetings, which may result in large projects and boosted revenue. 

Agents Can Screen Prospective Leads through Live Chat

For a construction company, every possible lead is valuable. Unlike retail companies that sell products online, construction companies sell services that require tailored quotes and well-researched planning.

Using a live chat service can increase the number of potential leads that come in, which can, in turn, increase the overall revenue for your construction company. 

Additionally, live chat allows contact center agents to screen whether or not potential clients using the service are serious or not. The serious leads can be sent up the chain quickly, resulting in efficient sales opportunities.

The more ambiguous leads can be handled quickly without using a great deal of manpower or productivity. Well-trained contact center agents can work with these customers to try and turn them into potential leads before sending them to the sales team.

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