Why A Contact Center is a Better Choice Than Voicemail

While many still use voicemail in their businesses today, it is somewhat outdated for great customer experience.  Even though it’s been around for many years and still in use by companies big and small, it is less than ideal for your customers.

When customers call your company, many will expect the call to be picked up and answered by a live person. Customers that call actively are showing their interests and would like to get more information. Getting this information is often essential for their decisions to conduct business with your company or they will look elsewhere. It could also be a returning or existing customer that has questions about their service. Having to wait for a call back could severely impact their overall satisfaction with your business.

Cutting Costs

Our current economy has triggered many businesses to think of ways to reduce overhead costs and to optimize all their resources. One of the best ways businesses have learned to save money is by outsourcing to contact centers, and it works quite effectively.

A professional contact center such as Ansafone Contact Centers goes beyond hiring staff that will sit by a telephone and answer calls. Our dedicated, professionally-trained agents act as an extension of your company to help your clients get the information they need while being friendly and inviting.  The interactions between our agents and your customers often lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Using a contact center is more productive and lucrative than using a voicemail because most clients don’t like talking to a machine. Often they will hang up as soon as they hear an automated voice, never having the chance to leave a message. Some information might also be too sensitive to disclose in that manner. Contact centers are a better option because you get to talk to a real human ready to assist you.

Benefits of Using a Contact Center Over Voicemail


Proper Customer Service Management

Using a contact center like Ansafone Contact Centers guarantees that when your client needs help or has questions, they will be met with professional service. Their calls will be handled very efficiently and fast.

At Ansafone, we make it a priority to study and understand your business model and brand. We focus on learning about your products and culture so that we can be an extension of your brand.

Call Management

One of the primary reasons companies use contact centers instead of voicemail systems is to ease call management issues. It can be challenging to listen to messages and return calls while also managing daily tasks.

Outsourcing to contact centers means that your routine calls will be taken care of, and any that need further assistance will have the information readily available for you or your staff. Not having to pay a staff member to return calls will also save money.

Improved Call Quality

We utilize professional customer service agents who are trained on how to handle any caller properly. Our agents can handle calls 24/7 without altering the quality of the service. Doing so dramatically improves customer service quality and reduces customer’s wait times during peak hours.

Lower Call Abandonment

Outsourcing calls to reliable contact center drastically reduces the call abandonment rate. Each customer will have the chance to speak to a person, and every call will be answered punctually.

24/7 Support

Outsourcing to a reliable contact center like Ansafone Contact Centers is a cost-effective way to provide around-the-clock service for your clients. Our agents utilize pre-approved scripts on your calls. By using scripts, you can customize the information that is provided to your callers. This information can include answers to frequently asked questions, troubleshooting, and many other routine call issues.

Cutting Edge Technology

Ansafone Contact Centers continuously update their systems to ensure that they offer the absolute best services. Integrating and using new technology keeps your business on the cutting edge without additional costs.

About Ansafone Contact Centers

Ansafone Contact Centers is an award-winning, BPO provider with 50 years of world-class customer experience and brand care. We are a national call center with omni- channel services, fully-equipped to help you in business and any special circumstances.

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