10 Elements of Developing and Sustaining Employee Engagement

A busy call center can be a high-pressure work environment for employees. Unfortunately, this issue along with others can lead to a high level of call agent attrition. It can be difficult and costly for a company to continually hire and train employees who don’t remain at the company for more than a few months. However, there are things that can be done to develop and sustain employee engagement. Check out our 10 key elements. 

1. Provide Opportunities to Move Up in the Company

An employee starting out in a job as a call center agent learns the responsibilities of the job. After employees finish the training process and learn the basics of the job, they need incentives to stay with the company. Providing opportunities to advance in the company and earn more pay can be a great incentive for call agents who want to continue to progress in their line of work. If they see a more prosperous future, they are likely to stay and move up the ladder within that company.

2. Enticing Rewards Given Daily

Rewarding call center agents on a daily basis is another easy way to reduce attrition. One idea is to provide gift cards to three employees who got the most positive feedback from callers that day. The gift cards may be to popular restaurants, shops or movie theaters. Or, you may want to give debit gift cards, so employees have the option of deciding where to spend the money. This immediate reward is an effective way to get agents excited to do their work each day.

3. Utilize a Thorough Program of Training

One of the reasons call center agents don’t stay with a company is they feel unprepared to do their job effectively. This can be because of poor training. So, another way to develop and sustain the engagement of call center agents is to ensure each and everyone receives a thorough program of training. Employees know what to do when taking a call and how to handle different scenarios. It helps a new employee to shadow an experienced call center agent to see how to handle calls successfully. Sometimes, seeing an expert call agent at work can be much more useful than reading about scenarios that a call center agent may encounter.

4. Welcome Employee Input

Caring management that listens to its employees is more likely to develop and sustain engagement. Many call agents have ideas for how to improve customer service or shorten the wait time of callers. This is no surprise since call center agents are on the front lines of the action. When supervisors and managers listen to employee suggestions, it shows they are open to new ideas. This can leave employees with positive feelings about their daily work and its significance to their employer.

5. Organize Volunteer Activities

Call center agents who get to know their coworkers and establish friendships are more likely to stay with the job. In fact, one reason why most employees stay at their place of work is the relationships they’ve built with coworkers. One way a company can help establish these relationships is to organize a volunteer activity in which all call center agents take part. This could be building a home for a family in need or volunteering time in an after-school tutoring program. The call agents get the chance to get to know one another and they are able to help a worthy cause in the process.

6. Practice Appreciation of Employees

Call center agents who know they are appreciated by their employer are more likely to stay with the company long-term. However, the appreciation must be meaningful. One example is to invite a massage therapist to the office and allow each agent to enjoy a massage during the work day. Or, ordering meals from a popular restaurant once a week and providing lunch for employees. These are excellent ways for a company to show solid appreciation for its call center agents.

7. Use Cutting-Edge Technology

Call center agents who are able to perform their work duties without running into technical glitches are more apt to excel in their jobs and remain with the company. So, not only is a call center able to serve its customers in a satisfactory way, but it can also keep its loyal agents by maintaining a high level of technology.

8. Create a Comfortable Work Space

This is an easy way for a call center to reduce agent attrition and sustain employee engagement. A comfortable workspace has ergonomic chairs for agents and desks that are at the right height for this type of work. Adjustable headphones and a work area with plenty of natural light also contribute to establishing a comfortable workspace. A call center that wants to keep a dedicated gathering of agents considers the employees and what would make them comfortable and able to do their best work.

9. Give Work Breaks Consistently

If a call center receives dozens of calls per hour, it’s wise to provide agents with a reasonable number of breaks to keep them refreshed. This means making a schedule, so every employee receives one or two breaks consistently. A call agent who receives adequate breaks is likely to be content with their job and stay on with the company.

10. Provide Flexible Work Schedules

A call center that is open 24 hours a day is able to work with employees to give them a schedule that flows with their family obligations. The ability to have the work schedule they want can be a major reason why a call center agent stays with a company and doesn’t look elsewhere for work.

These are just 10 key elements of developing and sustaining employee engagement. Sometimes a company must think creatively to maintain a staff of capable, dedicated call center agents. At Ansafone Contact Centers, we strive to do just that. 

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