Why Ansafone is a National Call Center

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Call centers are the main point of contact between your business and your buyers. An effective call center can generate sales, acquire new business, educate customers, and improve satisfaction. However, having multiple call centers can up the game when it comes to stability, consistency, and breadth of support especially during unexpected events such as a natural disaster. Choosing to operate a multi-site, distributed call center has many attractive benefits for you and your clients.

Independent, Remote Management

You might think a centralized call center brings convenience and simplicity to management and standardization of the customer experience. In reality, cells of operation distributed across sites and locations can still offer streamlined management through a completely remote approach. Better yet, multiple locations can offer great stability if one location is disrupted for whatever reason, and another location can substitute.

By controlling the operation of your call center with multiple sites remotely, you can keep your vision and standards in-house while reaping the benefits of multi-site contact centers at a comfortable and cost-effective distance.

Anticipation of Growth

Companies that opt for the multi-site call center model often anticipate a lot of growth for their business. It’s easier for these companies to implement changes and scale their workforce when they can draw on the talent pools of multiple locales and sites.

For example, more sites for your call center could mean that you can draw on more agents who are bilingual or trained in emergency response than you might get from a single, centralized location. You are also able to expand your ranks to meet customer demands more easily.

Control over Cost

National and multi-site call centers also present cost savings to the businesses that engage the practice. Different locales across the states provide differing requirements for compensation and benefits, making it possible to strategically save.

By being able to work in areas with cheaper labor while scaling your call center, distributed, multi-site call centers allow for amazing control over costs which centralized options simply cannot replicate. The cellular, remote model affords flexibility as its main cost-reduction strategy.

Diversified Talent Pool

National call centers with multiple locations can provide scheduling flexibility, demographic diversity, ranging skill focus, and geographic difference better than a central location. The multi-site approach can segment customers based on location and give them representatives who match their unique needs.

Drawing on a national talent pool will always beat out the central call center in its ability to feed your operation with diverse talent. You might need to offer bilingual services to your customers or accommodate unconventional hours for which the multisite approach is highly suited.

Improved Satisfaction Rates

The multi-site call center gives businesses the benefits of remote management, the anticipation of growth, cost savings, and a diversified talent pool. And, all these benefits contribute to helping customers to an impressive service experience.

By drawing on the skill and flexibility of multiple contact centers, you are better equipped to meet customer demands while reducing wait times, offering more language options, and even segmenting customers based on location or special offers. In short, a multi-site approach leads to greater personalization.

How Ansafone’s Multi-Site Solutions Can Help

Ansafone can help you secure these benefits of operating a multi-site and national contact center. With us, you can enjoy improved satisfaction rates driven by a diverse talent pool that grows at scale while saving time and money on management and labor costs.

Request a quote or call 800-510-0514 to learn more about our approach to the national call center. In every possible way, we aim to help create an exceptional service experience for your customers. With your quote, we’re happy to offer insight into how the multi-site approach can grow your business.

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